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Meet our Team

Your health and wellness is a team effort!
When you join our practice as a patient, you join our family!

Dr. Kimberly Ghelarducci, DC

Webster Certified Chiropractor

Dr. Kimberly Ghelarducci, DC was born and raised in Oklahoma. She received a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2005.  Dr. Kimberly Ghelarducci, DC received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2010 from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. She then decided to go back to school to complete a three-year Diagnostic Imaging Residency at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. During that time, she received extra training in interpreting x-rays and advanced imaging such as MRI and CT. During her residency, Dr. Ghelarducci developed a passion for imaging education and loves to share her knowledge of radiology with her patients.  Since finishing her residency, she has worked as a chiropractor in the Oklahoma City area.


Dr. Ghelarducci uses an approach focusing on the whole person when caring for her patients, and she loves seeing patients of all ages. She combines the very best hands-on-techniques with other treatments deemed most suitable to each patient’s needs. Dr. Ghelarducci is able to help you accelerate and maintain your journey to optimal health. Dr. Ghelarducci predominantly uses the Diversified technique but is also trained in Gonstead, Activator, SOT and Thompson Drop techniques. She also utilizes Active Release technique for the muscular related component.  Dr. Ghelarducci is certified in Webster's Technique, as well!


Dr. Ghelarducci has a beautiful daughter and 3 furbabies. She has a passion for sewing, crocheting and DIY projects.

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Dr. Anne Smith, DC

Chiropractor and

Dr. Anne Smith, DC was born and raised in southern Oklahoma.  She received a Pre-Med degree from East Central University in Ada, OK in 2004. Shortly after she had a motorcycle accident with her dad that left her with only partial function of her right leg.  After getting minimal help from medical doctors for months, she turned to a chiropractor. With in a few visits she was able to start to see some improvements. That is when she decided to go to Chiropractic school instead of Medical school! She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2010 from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. 


After doing coverage work for fellow Chiropractors, Dr. Anne settled down as an Oklahoma City Chiropractor in in Dec 2011. She primarily uses Diversified technique, but is trained in many other techniques. This is necessary when creating patient specific treatments. She loves seeing patients of all ages, her favorite thing is when a whole family comes to get adjusted together!  Dr. Anne became an Acupuncturist in July 2012.  With this added tool she is able to treat so much more. She treats many conditions, such as; pain, allergies, headaches, appetite control, smoking cessation, infertility, labor induction and much more. As an Acupuncturist and Chiropractor she will advise on a course of treatment and have you feeling like yourself again, in no time!

Dr. Anne has been married since 2005 and has a handsome son and beautiful daughter, as well as her little furbaby! She enjoys working with her hands outside of the clinic, as well! She loves loves DIY projects; such as, building things like shelves and sliding barn doors from scratch. She also loves creating elaborate celebration cakes for family and friends!

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Christina Mallya, CMT

Massage Therapist

Christina Mallya trained as a massage therapist at Heritage College, graduating in 2014. She started out in a Spa setting, but she quickly realized she enjoyed medical therapeutic massages even more.  Since 2015, she has worked in Chiropractic clinics helping improve patients lives through massage!

She loves to help people feel better and be able to function better, using many different massage methods she's picked up along the way.

Christina lives with her significant other and her son. She loves to garden, cook and make homemade bath products. 

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Lorri Hamilton

Chiropractic Assistant

​Lorri has been a chiropractic assistant since 1998 and this will be her second and third chiropractor to work with in that time. Lorri has a passion for people and her friendly personality puts patients at ease. She is an advocate for the chiropractic profession and actively encourages our patients to come in before symptoms present. 


Lorri a grandmother for the first time and is enthralled with her granddaughter. She is very active within her church and enjoys volunteering with the women’s group.

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