A Natural Way to Heal

A Unique Approach


Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. That’s where my services come in. As an experienced Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, Dr. Anne Smith, DC, works with you to restore your balance and find your center. Holistic medicine is a broad range of practices based on generations of tradition. Chiropractic and Acupuncture are just a couple of those practices. After just a few sessions, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels. After a series of sessions you will notice your body start to stabilize. Once you are stable, in most cases it is best to schedule maintenance sessions to help you continue feeling great!

Acupuncture involves the insertion of micro-needles in precise locations throughout the body. The needles have no medication, they are just used to stimulate the acupuncture point. This is to rebalance your energy flow throughout the body; allowing your body to heal itself! It’s a completely painless process and has been used effectively in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Dr. Anne offers a range of acupuncture options. You can try a one time session, or opt for longer symptom relief with a well thought out treatment plan. In most cases, it does take a few treatments to begin seeing the results.

Holistic Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an effective holistic treatment for a wide range of physical and psychological problems. 



  • headaches/migraines

  • muscular tension

  • pain

  • fatigue

  • digestive issues   


  • smoking

  • alcohol abuse

  • overeating

  • depression/stress

  • insomnia